In-person voting still planned for Ohio this November

Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 8:19 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The November election is quickly approaching, and Ohio’s election chief says everything will remain the same. Some tweaks in the mail system should help things this time around.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says election plans are well underway, but he does need a few things from Ohioans.

LaRose said his office is still planning for in-person voting this November. How that will look and how polling places are configured, that’s still being worked out mostly on a local level.

There will still be four weeks of early in-person voting. You’ll still have the mail-in absentee option like in March and April, but this time around the Secretary of State’s office will mail every voter an absentee application. People will then need to return that to get the ballot.

Ohioans will not get a ballot automatically through the mail, you have to return that application. You can mail it or return it to your board of election.

“Do not procrastinate. When you get your absentee ballot application from us, send it in right away. Once the board of elections sends you your ballot don’t leave it on the kitchen table. Make your decision, make your voice heard and get that ballot in,” said LaRose.

LaRose says he’s again working with the Post Office to keep Ohio election mail in Ohio. Most of our area’s mail ends up going to Detroit for processing. LaRose says postal supervisors are being asked to go through the bins, looking for election mail and make sure it stays in Ohio. That should cut down on time to get you your ballot.

Poll workers are also needed for election day according to LaRose.

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