LPGA uses Healthy Roster for its return-to-play

LPGA uses Ohio-based Healthy Roster to manage its return to play health information
Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 7:45 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - For a tour that covers the globe, the Buckeye State will really make the LPGA move during the next 14 months.

There are of course back-to-back tournaments here in Lucas County plus the Solheim Cup in 2021 back at Inverness Club. Today, the LPGA is using Healthy Roster - an Ohio company - to manage its return to play information.

“We’re able to do our daily health screenings for our players, caddies and staff,” LPGA Senior Vice President of Tour Operations Stacey Collins said. “So we know if they are experiencing any new symptoms. Actually, it’s also helping us keep track all of our COVID testing that we’re doing because we have one place where we can keep all of our test results for each athlete.”

SAFER is Healthy Roster’s latest software feature. The acronym stands for: Screen, Alert, Facilitate, Engage and Report. It is a quick, daily survey which you can complete on your phone.

“The survey follows CDC guidelines,” Healthy Roster Co-Founder and President Dan Fronczak said. “So these people - golfers, caddies - they’ll fill out the survey that we send them through our system. The reason it comes through our system is because it is safe. It is HIPAA compliant and that is an important component of the whole thing.”

Healthy Roster is a Dublin, Ohio based company which says it “helps healthcare organizations utilize technology to better support parents, coaches, and youth athletes with athletic training services. "

“Once I do need to call an athlete, I’m able to just press a button on Healthy Roster and it connects me right with their phone number and their email,” Collins said. “So it’s been a good tool to message players as well.”

Healthy Roster is also working with the PGA Tour and the USGA using the same piece of technology.

“There has to be some self accountable when it comes to some of this COVID situation,” Fronczak said. “What our system allows you to do, it allows people to take these self-assessments, aggregate that data and send out alerts. So it’s all automated. We’re very happy to have the LPGA on. They are definitely a flag bearer for us as far as our new product is concerned.”

It is a product which could help keep the tour on track for two weeks around Toledo.

“It just shows our athletes and our staff how much we care about their well being,” Collins said. “And how the LPGA is committed to bringing sport back - women’s golf back - in the safest, healthiest way.”

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