Byrne Road contains the three most dangerous intersections in Toledo

Research conducted by the Elk and Elk law firm looked at ODOT accident data from 2014-2019 where an injury or fatality was reported.
Worst intersections in Toledo
Worst intersections in Toledo(WTVG)
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 4:13 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Drivers beware, there’s a new list about some of the Toledo intersections that are the most dangerous. One road in particular sticks out.

It’s not typically considered one of Toledo’s busier streets, but new accident data shows Byrne Road is one of the most dangerous in Toledo. In fact, the top three intersections for accidents are all about a mile and a half apart.

Taking the top spots for accidents is Byrne Road and Airport Highway.

“I totally agree, totally agree. Airport and Byrne that’s probably one of the worst intersections,” said Toledoan Latesha Kemp.

“You can speed a little bit but then once it’s time to come up to the turning, it’s hard to see sometimes,” said Toledoan Latina Jett.

This research was conducted by the Elk and Elk law firm, looking at ODOT accident data from 2014-2019 where an injury or fatality was reported. For number two on the Toledo list, just head north to Byrne Road and Hill Avenue.

“It’s always the firemen and everything going that way and holding up traffic,” said Jett.

Number three is Byrne Road and Arlington Avenue, just down from the University of Toledo Medical Center.

“Usually cars turning in front of you or something. They don’t got the green light or the green arrow they just turn right in front of you or cut you off or a car goes flying through there,” said Toledoan Xavier Golas.

The city of Toledo has taken steps to make some of these areas safer; for example, there are not one but two red-light and speed cameras at Byrne and Airport. Right now, though, they are turned off because the city lost a court battle over the appeal process. Rounding out the top 5 is Airport Highway again, this time at Reynolds Road and Airport Highway at Holland-Sylvania Road.

“I just keep my seatbelt on a hope for the best,” said Jett.

Why is Byrne Road listed so many times? There is no concrete data or answer, but people living near it have ideas.

“It’s because everyone’s pulling off Byrne from the main neighborhoods and stuff like that. Coming down Byrne. And it’s always people who don’t pay attention,” said Golas.

“People want to speed by. They want to speed by but you need a blinker, a blinking signal to let you know that you can turn. People try to hurry up and make that light when it turns yellow and that’s when the accidents happen,” said Jett.

For a complete list of the Top 25 Most Dangerous Intersections in Toledo, go to

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