Childcare centers offer options to remote learning families

Facilities are reporting an uptick in working parents needing care
Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 6:09 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The new school year is just a few weeks away and due to COVID-19, families are scrambling to make plans.

For many parents, last minute switches to remote learning and hybrid models is leaving them struggling to find care for their children.

In Ohio school districts across the state are still making changes to the school year setup due to a growing number of COVID-19 cases. A new map released by the Ohio Department of Education, indicates that 53% of the school districts in Ohio will offer in-person learning 5 days a week.

Another 25% of school districts will opt for a hybrid model of in-school learning combined with remote schooling and about 9% of the districts will begin the school year online only. That option includes Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo Public Schools. The rest of the state is either unreported or undecided at this time.

The switches have many families trying to bridge the gap between working parents and children, who now might be home from school as the new year begins. Childcare Adventures in Toledo is trying to offer a solution to some families. Director Fatima Abdelkarim is combining her Pre-K and Kindergarten students into one room, giving her more space for school-aged children.

“We just have to keep changing the plan until we get it right and we have to provide for our school-agers,” says Abdelkarim.

Some families put children in before or after school care during a typical year but now there are trying to find options for children left to learn at home. Abdelkarim says she will have a limited number of spots and her staff will be there to help with tech support, leaving the online schooling to the teachers.

Ohio just allowed all of the child care centers to return to pre-pandemic capacity, lifting restrictions on enrollment but any child that attends child care that is Kindergarten age or older must wear a mask while attending. The previous mask rule in daycare applied to staff and children age 10 and up.

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