Sylvania Schools makes staffing cuts

Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 8:41 AM EDT
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SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - While teachers across the area are getting ready to go back to school, for some, those preparations are being cut short.

Teachers in Sylvania are supposed to head back to their classrooms Friday. With mere days left before that happens, some are being told to not return.

According to Dan Greenberg, president of Sylvania Education Association, 44 teaching positions have been cut, starting two weeks ago with kindergarten. Enrollment is down, and positions were cut.

Then on Monday, 21 art, music, and physical education teachers were reduced to half time. Several reading and math intervention positions that were already half time were axed completely.

Sylvania Schools superintendent Dr. Veronica Motley provided 13abc with a statement on the staffing reductions:

“Not unlike other school districts in the area, unfortunately during these difficult times, Sylvania Schools is also facing staff reductions. We are making adjustments to our staffing levels during this temporary “new normal”, however, we look forward to bringing our employees back as soon as possible to support our students in a more traditional learning environment.”

Greenberg said the news was “devastating” to the teachers.

“It’s someone’s career. It’s someone’s job that they love. And you’re telling them three days before school starts that they don’t have the position that they thought they were going to have is no longer going to be there. It’s devastating,” says Greenberg.

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