Murder victim’s mother speaks out

22 year old O'Mauryai Crenshaw was shot and killed on Brown.
Published: Aug. 15, 2020 at 2:45 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Toledo Police continue to work to piece together one of the city’s latest murders. Detectives say 22-year-old O’Mauryai Crenshaw was shot and killed Thursday, Aug. 14 in a drive by shooting.

And now, his mother is speaking out.

“He was a kind hearted, gentle person, to be quite frank and honest about it. He didn’t bother a soul. He kept to himself, and it’s just an unfortunate set of circumstances,” said O’Shai Crenshaw.

O’Shai Crenshaw said she’s in utter shock over the murder of her son. He was shot and killed on Brown near Pinewood. A passerby who did not want to be identified found the dying young man lying in the street.

“So I pulled down the road some and I got out. I walk down there, basically try to get his attention, but he was not responsive and I basically called 911,” the passerby said.

Police say someone drove by and shot O’Mauryai. His mother wants to know why.

“Why would one murder an individual who had special needs. It was known that my son has special needs. So, it makes it more heart wrenching just in that regard. He really just wanted to live and mind his business. Why would one do that to a disabled individual, that makes it that much tougher,” said Crenshaw.

O’Mauryai is the great grandson of the late Reverend Dr. Harry M. Crenshaw, a prominent pastor in Toledo.

“Who dedicated his life to saving juveniles across the city and being heavily related to the DYS in the juvenile justice system. He really had a passion for trying to save young folks in the city. It’s a travesty to lose my brother six months ago and my son today. It’s the irony. It’s absolutely heart crushing,” said Crenshaw.

O’Mauryai’s uncle was the first murder of 2020. Police have not made any arrests in that case. The Crenshaw family is devastated over the gun violence that’s taken the lives of their loved ones. After a 15-year-old was shot and killed Sunday night, Toledo’s homicide count stands at 36 for the year.

“It’s heart crushing not only for myself, but for my mother and for all the mothers that have to go through this because to lose the life of something you gave birth to is probably the toughest thing that you would ever imagine to experience,” said the victim’s mother.

Police have not made any arrests in the deadly drive-by shooting.

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