What’s missing from the 2020 Democratic Convention

2020 version will be virtual
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 6:36 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Democratic National Convention is underway and it’s a convention unlike any other. That’s because this year it’s virtual. For some that means some of the most important parts won’t happen.

What you see each night from a Democratic or Republican convention is just one part of what’s happening that day.

“Everything was staged for TV,” said 2016 delegate Dennis Slotnick.

Slotnick attended that convention in Philadelphia as a Bernie Sanders delegate. He says the made for TV portion is not nearly as informative as the breakout sessions in the convention hall or the pop-up convention on the street.

“They bring their own soap boxes and stand up with a microphone. That to me was the most fascination, spontaneous and enriching,” said Slotnick.

None of that face to face interactions this year as the convention is virtual. Which means delegates like Kathy Rollison won’t attend in person like she did in ’16.

“The balloons and the hype that was good but I’ve got to tell ya this go around is just as important to every single delegate,” said Rollison.

She’ll attend virtually this year, this time for Joe Biden. She says people know the former vice president so this won’t be an introduction but a roll out.

“I see more people actively involved in this convention than I did the last,” said Rollison.

Are conventions still as relevant as in the past? With the results already decided and so much predetermined, people like Slotnick think there isn’t much substance.

“Will people’s attitude toward the democratic party change? They’re not seeing the democratic party, anyway,” said Slotnick

Delegate Rollison said one of the major issues that will be discussed is the postal system and the delays we’ve been telling you about for weeks and what that could mean if you vote by mail. Expect to hear lots of talk of that all week. Just virtually.

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