Local Democrats say road map to Ohio victory must include rural areas

Democratic National Convention
Democratic National Convention(Source: Democratic National Convention)
Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 6:46 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Day Two of the Democratic National Convention brought into clear focus the objective for Democrats across the country. It’s also a time to decide which states will get them there and there’s lots of talk that Ohio is in play.

The head of the party in Ohio says the road map to victory will have to include all 88 Ohio counties.

President Donald Trump made Ohio a very red state in 2016, winning by roughly 8%. 2020 could be different, if Democrats want it.

“At a national level they have to decide they really need and want to win Ohio,” said political strategist BJ Fischer.

Fischer says if the party puts money and people in Ohio, it could tip the scales to Joe Biden. Ohio’s party chairman acknowledges the mistakes of 2016.

“They focused on our large urban areas and of course you want to focus there but you can’t, in a state like Ohio, ignore big parts of the state and expect to win. And that’s exactly why it happened,” said Ohio Democratic party chairman David Pepper.

Pepper says the strategy now needs to be: win the suburbs, make your case in rural Ohio and get the urban core excited to vote. All while talking about the president’s record.

“In ’16 he was just sort of making big promises and trashing people. Well now he has his own record and his record has not been good for Ohio,” said Pepper.

“I think people began to see there’s a distinct difference between what he talks about and then what he actually produces,” said Democratic State Representative Paula Hicks-Hudson.

Hicks-Hudson says her party’s ticket offers diversity that could excite people. “I think it does energize people to see that we are a multi-diverse country. Not just made up of old white guys,” said Hicks-Hudson.

“Right now I think, they think, Ohio is in play and obviously for the Democrat side if you can win Ohio the math for trump gets really difficult,” said Fischer.

The Democratic strategy will probably not include door to door visits. Expect more email, text messages, digital and TV advertising. Party leaders saying however when they’re allowed to get out and campaign and do to it safely, they will.

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