Ohio GOP lawmakers pushed for USPS to reverse actions seen as harmful to voting

Latta rallies to keep mail processing in state
Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 9:50 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - With the November election less than 80 days away the ongoing debate about mail-in ballots it getting attention from Republicans and Democrats. There’s a big push from Democrats for the US Postal Service to step up delivery and now some Ohio Republicans are echoing the call.

The USPS is under fire for cuts and slow delivery times. Here in Northwest Ohio- viewers have been complaining for months about items lost in transit. There’s growing concern that voters could have trouble receiving voting information through the mail or sending ballots back in a timely fashion.

Congressman Bob Latta, along with 9 other Republican lawmakers sent a letter to the US Postmaster Louis DeJoy, demanding changes immediately to make sure every voter has a chance on election day.

In the letter, the lawmakers asked DeJoy to ensure nightly inspections are happening in all mail facilities to insure all election related materials are sent out. They are also asking that the processing of northwest Ohio’s mail stays in state, instead of going to Michigan and they are also urging local postmaster to work with county board of elections for special drop offs of election material.

“We want to make sure that they check every night that all that mail is looked for and found and it’s not laying around that it is sent out and we want to keep our mail in Ohio, says Congressman Bob Latta, OH-5.

Tuesday the Postmaster announced that planned changes within the postal service will be put on hold until after November but it is still unclear if the request to process northwest Ohio’s election mail in state, instead of being sent to Michigan will go through.

The Postmaster General is expected to testify before a senate committee on Friday and the house oversight committee next week after allegations that he intentionally made changes at the US Postal Service to help President Trump’s reelection campaign.

DeJoy denies he made changes at the request of the President, instead saying the cuts were made because the postal service is not making enough money.

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