Penta Career Center returns to in-person classes

Superintendent Ed Ewers shares what he's most excited about for the school year.
Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 12:41 PM EDT
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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Penta Career Center was excited to welcome students back onto campus Thursday for the first time in five months.

But not all students are returning at the same time. Due to the center’s hybrid schedule, only students in Wood County school districts will be on site today. Students from other counties will have their first day Friday.

Superintendent Ed Ewers says that for the center’s hands-on classes, students really can’t get the same experience from home.

“It seems like forever since we’ve seen kids and teachers together. And I’m excited to have kids in our building and walk through our building and see what’s going on. We have such great experiences for our kids and what they’re doing in their labs are phenomenal,” says Ewers.

But the coming school year will not be without challenges. Usually, the center has games and activities to welcome kids back to campus, and make new students feel comfortable. But this year, things are different.

The school has been posting welcome videos online, and much of the first few days will be about teaching students new safety protocols and getting them into new cleaning and sanitizing routines.

Ewers says it won’t be as much fun as usual, but it is essential.

“Really the big piece, and we’re experiencing this just like what other schools are, is just to set the tone to help students understand that what they’re doing even outside of school will have an impact on our ability to be on campus,” says Ewer.

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