Lambertville toddler has major basketball talent

Lambertville 19-month-old makes 200 shots a day with his father who hold multiple Guinness World Records
Miracola IV is only 19 months old.
Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 8:22 AM EDT
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LAMBERTVILLE, Mich. (WTVG) - Anthony Miracola IV is like most 19-month-olds.

He is on the move and loves carrying a snack with him around the house.

“He’s just a typical kid who loves to play basketball,” Jennifer Miracola said.

That may be where the comparisons end. Quarantine helped his game.

“I just wanted him to be real good,” Anthony Miracola III said. “We kind of just started from the time he was real young. We just progressed cause he likes it a lot. He’s around it every day with me shooting. As he started to like it more and more we upped the ante.”

One hundred made baskets a day turns into 200 per day.

“It’s really not difficult,” Miracola III said. “Even though maybe 200 makes may seem like a lot -- he is only one-year-old -- it’s really not. We get through it fairly quick. A lot of times we end up going past that number on a daily basis.”

Those shots include different obstacles thrown between this toddler and one of his many hoops.

“He has a turned a corner as of recently especially in the last two or three months,” Miracola III said. “I’m a firm believer if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. More times than not.”

Anthony Miracola III holds three Guinness World Records -- most 3-pointers made in one minute; most 3-pointers made in three minutes; and most behind the backboard shots made in one minute. Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“His accuracy with it too,” Jennifer Miracola said of their son. “He’s so into it and he’s always so accurate most of the time. He takes the initiative on his own to come in the gym and play and then when he doesn’t want to he doesn’t. And we play other things.”

Miracola IV has his spot in the house. The gym being the family’s dining room -- better known as Anthony’s court.

“Kind of me being creative,” Miracola III said. “The same stuff I’ve always done with myself and just trying to think of different things to keep his attention span and to keep him tuned in. Make it exciting, make it fun.”

Because let’s not forgot, in five more months he turns two-years-old.

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