Republicans try to carry momentum into 2020 Presidential race

Published: Aug. 26, 2020 at 6:12 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Ohio has been pretty red for the last few years. Good news for Republicans as the Republican Nation Convention hits Day 3. So how can they continue that momentum and finish 2020 with a Presidential win?

The Ohio House, Ohio Senate, Governor’s office and the Presidential race of 2016 are all held by Republicans in Ohio. It’s hard to get any better but for Republicans the challenge now to is to stay on top.

At the top of Ohio’s ticket in 2016 was President Donald Trump with a commanding 8-point win.

“There was a silent majority out there and people were motivated to vote for President Trump and we’re seeing it again this cycle,” said Ohio’s Republican party chairman Jane Timken.

Timken sees a more united party this year. You’ll recall former governor John Kasich won the 2016 Ohio primary.

“The state party wasn’t working too well back in 2016 and now we have a very strong partnerships so I feel pretty well with how we’re functioning,” said Timkin.

Republicans hold the Governor’s office, the Senate and the House. The House is a bit sticky these days as now former house speaker Larry Householder faces federal bribery charges over a bill to save Davis Besse nuclear power plant.

“That type of activity, that behavior should have no part in our party and I have a history of calling people out when I think it’s appropriate to call them out,” said Timkin.

Now a couple of fellow Republicans are calling for impeachment articles against Governor Mike DeWine over his handling of COVID-19. Timken says it’s coming from a few term limited members and she supports how the governor’s handling an unprecedented crisis.

“I tried to remind those republicans that the objective is to reelect the president right now. They can have policy differences but this is not the appropriate way to do it,” said Timkin.

Timken says she’s not only worried about the presidential race but keep an eye on other big statehouse races this November.

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