A backyard view for Friday night football

Not many people get the opportunity to watch a live sporting event from the comfort of their own backyard, but for Steve Bihn his home has been transformed into the perfect spot for Friday night football action.
Published: Aug. 29, 2020 at 11:34 AM EDT
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ROSSFORD, Ohio (WTVG) - Imagine coming home from work to the sounds of whistles being blown, or falling asleep with the Friday night football lines shining into your bedroom window.

That’s the reality for Steve Bihn.

“It’s just like a prime front-row seat to a sporting event. You can sit right here and the action is right there. I mean there’s not a Friday night we aren’t fishing a football out of the crick,” said Bihn.

Steve lives as close as you can possibly get to Rossford High School’s Jackson Ferguson Stadium.

Bihn explains his backyard never sees a dull moment.

“I mean, I can come home from work and cut my grass, and there’ll be a junior high or that game going on while I’m cutting the grass. It’s just nice that you can just watch a game while working,” said Bihn.

On Friday night the Rossford Bulldogs mowed down the Millbury Lake Flyers, bringing home the win with a 35-0 final score.

For Steve and a select group of family, friends, and neighbors they traded their spot in the bleachers Friday night for a socially distant seat right in his backyard.

Bihn explains in order to welcome fans into his home for football season his back yard had to be transformed.

“It took a while to get all the trees down, all of them were kind of dead. A lot of poison ivy, some snacks, but we got it all out, and now it’s a really nice venue to view the stadium,” said Rossford parent Brad Morrison.

Bihn’s longtime friend Brad Morrison with Maumee Bay Turf Center, as well as his entire team of employees, spent countless hours cleaning out the brush and area surrounding the creek between Bihn’s house and the football field.

Morrison explains the backyard has always been the prime tailgating destination, but simply needed a facelift.

Amidst the pandemic, both Bihn and Morrison stated their get-togethers now have to be different.

Morrison stated that guests are now limited in numbers when attending back yard tailgates, but are still welcomed simply as long as they follow proper safety protocols.

“We want a place where people can view the games safely, following the guidelines, masks, hand sanitizer, we’re not bringing food to pass anymore, people have to stay spaced out. And we told people if they won’t do it right they won’t be welcomed,” said Morrison.

For Steve Bihn, he explains that his special view is not just about football.

Bihn believes his backyard unifies his friends, family, neighbors, and the entire Rossford football community as one amid challenging times.

This year Bihn says he is simply grateful that his backyard has a view filled with students doing what they love most.

“For them not to have sports this year would have been devastating. It’s just fun watching the kids enjoy themselves,” said Steve Bihn.

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