St. John’s Jesuit students receive hoax email for KKK recruitment

A representative of the school says their emails were hacked.
Published: Aug. 31, 2020 at 4:53 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - St. John’s Jesuit is working with local law enforcement and their IT department to track down the sender of a mass email that was received by the entire sophomore class last night.

Earlier this afternoon, Janie King was shocked at the screenshot her son texted her from his school email account, addressed to the class of 2023 at the school.

The email reads as follows:

Hello Class of 2023!

Thank you for your interest in the Ku Klux Klan!

We will be expecting you on Monday, Sept 21st at Little Ceasar’s Pizza

Pizza for our first rally. Remember, it’s your job to bring the rope.

Marco will be bringing the 2x4′s and nails, and John will be bringing the kerosene. Never forget, white is right!!

White Power,


The message sent to students was made to appear from a school employee’s account.

That same employee emailed students moments afterward telling them to delete the email and not to reply.

When King forwarded the screenshots to a school representative, asking why her son received the emails, she says the school told her they were not previously aware of what had happened.

“I was upset because everything that’s going on in this country, all over the United States, and we’re dealing with so many racial issues,” says King, a mother of two children who are both African American.

“I hope they never, ever have to go through anything like this ever again in life.”

The school’s VP Christopher Knight sent an email to parents of the sophomore class explaining the situation.

To parents of the students in the class of 2023:

A short while ago the members of the class of 2023 received a highly offensive and inappropriate email, which was racist in nature. Whoever sent this tried to make it appear that it came from school employees, which it did not. Please know we are working to track down where it came from and are reporting this to the police. Additionally, we are working to enhance our email and internet security so messages such as this one cannot get through to our email network.

Thank you,

Christopher Knight ’78

Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer

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