Maumee Indoor Theater showing classics post-COVID shutdown

The theater is one of the few local entertainment venues open and operating under the state’s new guidelines.
Published: Sep. 2, 2020 at 8:37 PM EDT
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MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - Movie go-ers in Maumee have been thankful to have a cinematic experience over the summer, with the Maumee Indoor Theater downtown showing classic films like Jaws and The Goonies since reopening back in June.

Executive Director for the theater, Thomas Gillen, says employees are all wearing masks and cleaning highly touched surfaces whenever they get a break between patrons at the concessions stands, as regularly as possible.

Surface transmission on the seats is not a worry, so the theaters are cleaned regularly as a part of normal maintenance, per the Lucas County Health Department’s guidance.

Bathrooms are on a timer to be cleaned every 30 minutes, and masks are required from the moment patrons walk into the lobby until they are seated and socially distances from other audience members.

“Sometimes people are a little disappointed to know that they have to come in and wear the mask but luckily it’s just for while you’re going through the lobby and it’s for everybody’s safety”

Inside the theaters, every other row of seats is roped off. COVID-19 guidelines have also limited the theater’s capacity, which normally would be able to seat 500 people.

“The group sizes depend on how many seats are eaten up, basically,” explains Gillen, who says groups of people who come together are still able to sit next to their friends and family. “So if we get large groups we can fit close to 150 people into the theater.”

The Maumee Indoor Theater is also a regular site for live performances, like musicals and plays, from local community groups. This is something they are still working on, given the state’s 15% capacity limit on live performances.

“Reducing capacity for that much obviously impacts ticket sales for a lot of the private events or shows by playgroups that we have here,” says Gillen.

Overall, movie go-ers like Ian Robedeau were excited to see Jaws on the silver screen after months without their favorite hobby.

“I take my kid to the movies all the time when we were able to, and now that we’re able to again yeah it’s fun to come,” says Robedeau. “It just feels nice to finally be doing something out and not be stuck at home so often.”

For more information, guidelines, and showtimes at the Maumee Indoor Theater, click here.

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