Finally open! Gyms in Michigan return after seeing Ohio gyms open three months ago

Fitness centers have been closed since March 16
Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 10:47 PM EDT
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LAMBERTVILLE, MI (WTVG) - After being forced to close for 177 days, gyms and fitness centers in Michigan were finally reopened Wednesday. Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave owners the go-ahead last week, setting Sept. 9 as the date they could reopen.

“It’s been a really really long time, and the longer this has been going on the more difficult it’s been and the more exciting it is that we’re open,” Scott Wiesler, owner of Anytime Fitness said.

Gyms in Ohio were allowed to open May 26, more than three months before Michigan’s gym could do the same.

“It has been awful to watch them open and be successful and take care of their people like we knew we could, so to be tied up like that has been terrible to watch. We’ve had members go to Toledo and join down there, and I would too. I can’t blame them,” Weisler said.

The frustrations were the same in Monroe at Level Up Training Complex.

“We had some kids going to Toledo to play sports. Even kids in our own community. Enough is enough. Athletes were going to do something at some point. We had the risk of athletes leaving our gym to go south because we’re so close to the border. It definitely hurt us bad in that aspect,” owner Jon Carrabino said.

Industry-wide, it’s believed gyms have lost at least 30 percent of their revenue. The question is how long that percentage will stay in effect.

"Time will tell but I think as we prove that we are a safe place to be and that it’s not a place where you’re going to catch this disease I think that will change perceptions and I think we’ll get back to normal relatively quickly,” Weisler said.

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