Customers looking for options after paying for furniture they didn’t get

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 8:49 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - More people are coming forward with their stories of trying to get the furniture they paid for from a Sylvania Township store. It turns out there aren’t a lot of options for the customers, and we may see more issues like in this COVID world.

The owner of Monroe Furniture at the corner of Monroe Street near Whiteford Road has not been located yet. There are a few things for customers in this situation that may get them some money back.

A lonely, empty desk is still the only piece of furniture you’ll find inside Monroe Furniture these days. The 13abc I-Team has now heard from four viewers who say they’ve paid for furniture they didn’t get.

“There is a certain unavoidable risk in dealing with any company,” said Dick Eppstein from the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB also received several complaints about Monroe Furniture recently. Eppstein and his team have tried to contact the owners but have received no response. With businesses struggling amid COVID-19, this kind of thing may become more common.

“We’re going to be seeing businesses going out of business. We’re going to see it. We’re already seeing some of them, some of them unintentional,” Eppstein. “A lot of businesses are going to close and go out of business because they just cannot support themselves.”

At this point, we don’t know if the owners simply ran out of money or this was a group trying to take people’s money. If it’s a crime, that’s when the police or the attorney general’s office could step in.

“Did the company intend to cheat people. They opened up, took a bunch of orders, they took a bunch of down payments, a bunch of deposits, and then disappeared,” said Eppstein.

We don’t know if that happened here. There is one more complicating factor the I-Team learned about Monday. Sylvania Township police are investigating an employee’s death in the store in June. The Lucas County Coroner’s office says the cause of death is still pending more testing, but investigators on the scene say drug paraphernalia was found in the bathroom with the victim.

The victim’s mother told the I-Team in a statement Monday when she heard the store name resurface: “I was sick to my stomach because I always thought they had something to hide regarding my daughter’s death.”

Here are a few things customers can do if you’re in a situation like this:

If you paid with a credit card, dispute the charge. That’s your best route.

You could check your homeowner’s insurance policy, maybe you could make a theft claim.

You could also register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General. If a crime was committed and they can get some money back, you may get some of that.

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