DeWine debuts Ohio’s COVID-19 dashboard for schools

Schools will be required to notify parents of cases, and report information to local health departments to give data to the state’s Department of Health
Published: Sep. 17, 2020 at 10:24 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVG) - Governor Mike DeWine announced the launch of the COVID-19 reported cases dashboard for Ohio schools Thursday afternoon.

To gather information for the dashboard, all schools are required to notify parents of cases, and in addition, they have the responsibility to notify the local health department, which then reports the data to the Ohio Department of Health.

DeWine said schools are overall doing a good job so far and wanted to reiterate that the most important things schools can do is continue to notify parents.

“Because there is a student who is associated with a school who has tested positive is no reflection on the teachers, the principal, superintendent, or anybody else," DeWine said. “Schools could be doing absolutely everything right, school is going to reflect what is going on in the community”

The Governor also added the outbreaks the state is seeing are not coming from sports, but events outside of schools, like students having parties among other gatherings in the community.

However, one athlete testing positive can have a domino effect that stretches to other counties.

The Toledo Lucas County Health Department confirmed Thursday that the St. John’s Jesuit football team is under a precautionary two-week quarantine. This is the result of an outbreak at Findlay High School, a team the Titans just played last week.

“It’s just very hard because it came from the outside," says St. John’s Jesuit Athletic Director Bob Ronai. "It’s just one of those situations and of course, you’re dealing with two different counties.”

After the briefing, the Governor was also asked why only districts are identified on the dashboard and not specific schools. DeWine said this ties into the law prohibiting the state from publishing information identifying someone for having COVID, or other personal health issues.

“We’ve encouraged schools to put dashboards up so that anybody in the community can look up and find that out," DeWine said.

DeWine was also asked about the accuracy of the dashboard and how often it would be updated, responding that the current numbers were updated last Sunday, and there will need to be more tweaks to keep the system running accurately.

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