After months and months of trying, still no unemployment help

People trying to receive COVID unemployment benefits
Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 10:12 AM EDT
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CURTICE, Ohio (WTVG) - As Ohio takes more and more steps to reopen, some people are still trying to bounce back from the March shutdown. Some people owed unemployment money still haven’t received any after being out of work for several months

The number one complaint is that people simply can’t get a straight answer. They’re on hold or being transferred around. All the while, they don’t have their money.

Annamay Maddux would much rather be working than showing the issues she’s having with the state unemployment system. She worked a little bit in March, but it didn’t last long.

"Then the last two weeks they said because of the COVID-19, they’re not continuing this enrollment,” said Maddux.

She’s uploaded and downloaded everything the system has asked. The website shows an active case.

“Couple of phone calls later, they also asked for my birth certificate. We updated that information. Then every week, faithfully checking it. Many, many phone calls later everyone just says they’ve got to wait,” said Maddux.

Maddux is clearly in the system, her file even lists a weekly benefit amount but still no money yet and no income. Sometimes she’s using credit cards to get by. It’s not the help she thought she’d get from unemployment.

“Very aggravating. No income coming in, lots of bills. I pay my own medical, I’m self-employed,” said Maddux.

People are being asked to be patient and persistent. Maddux has tried both to no avail.

“I keep calling and asking. I’ve got many, many hours -- and I do mean hours -- of conversations of, ‘Hey what’s going on, what do I need to do,’” said Maddux.

If there is one tiny silver lining for anyone in a similar case, is that the money will be backdated to when filers were first unemployed. Although it’s not exactly the answer people want to hear if they need the money now.

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