Local documentary tells the heartbreaking and hopeful stories of addiction

One is available on Amazon, and features local people in recovery
Published: Oct. 1, 2020 at 7:44 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Addiction is a battle being waged in every community in this country. A local organization has released a new documentary that tells the often heart-wrenching, but hopeful story of people going through recovery.

It is called One: The Documentary. It was created and paid for by Spring Green Educational Foundation. The Maumee organization focuses on helping people heal. Everyone involved says it is been a life-changing project on many levels.

Tito Elizondo says he first struggled with addiction as a young teen. He had a successful career as a professional singer and musician, but the death of his sister was a turning point.

“When my sister died is when things really started to spiral out of control. I am so grateful for a second chance. There is honor in recovery, respect in recovery and a whole new life in recovery,” says Elizondo.

Dawn Duhaime is the Executive Director of Spring Green. She lost her only child to addiction last year.

“Justin was my heart with legs. Now, he is my heart with wings. Part of me is with him. I will never be who I was before his death. However, I want to be clear that part of me is fed and healed from the relationships I have with people who are in recovery. My hope is that we begin to see addiction not as a stigma but as something to overcome, just like any other challenge we have. I hope we find connection and healing through conversations and this message,” says Duhaime.

One is available on Amazon. If you’re a prime member, it’s free. If not, it costs $2.99 to rent. There’s also a downloadable discussion guide so you can have the important conversations with family and friends.

Duhaime says the money brought in by the project goes right back to the local programs of Spring Green.

If you’d like to learn more, get connected to www.Springgreen.Org or

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