First responders for Trump

Local Republicans share their gratitude for first responders and pass along prayers for President Trump
Published: Oct. 4, 2020 at 1:01 AM EDT
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HOLLAND, Ohio (WTVG) - Lucas County Republican candidates and voters made their way to Holland for a rally for first responders. The event also addressed the health and push for Donald Trump’s reelection on November 3.

“I pray for the president and his wife and family like every day," said Darlene Ruth.

“We’re all praying for his recovery, we all hope he gets well soon," said David Karmol.

“I wish you the best for 100 percent recovery as soon as possible so you can get back out on the campaign trail," said John Rozie.

Republicans are sending prayers and well wishes to the President. At a “First Responders for Trump Rally” in Holland, candidates across Lucas County voiced their support for police and President Trump.

“I fully support the president and he supports law and order, first responders, the military, all across the board," said Rozie.

Rozie is running for Lucas County Treasurer. He believes if the President wants to win the election, he needs to get well soon and continue campaigning.

“Absolutely, he needs to be out among the people and that’s what he really thrives on," said Rozie.

With masks scattered around the crowd, candidates addressed the topics of black lives matter, back the blue, and police reform, while praising the work of all first responders amid COVID-19.

Republican Toledo City Council candidate Tony Dia addresses the need of support for first...
Republican Toledo City Council candidate Tony Dia addresses the need of support for first responders.(Jack Bassett)

“They’re there for whoever is in need of them. For the first responders, whether you’re working in your home, you have a big business, whether you’re the President, they’re there for everybody,” said Republican Darlene Ruth.

With President Trump still hospitalized, some supporters say it serves as a wakeup call.

“It just points out that this disease is an equal opportunity, nobody is exempt from it. It needs to be taken seriously," said David Karmol.

With the election exactly a month away, Chairman of the Lucas County Board of Elections, David Carmel explains whatever candidate people choose to vote for this fall, he wants everyone to feel comfortable and safe when casting their ballots, November 3.

“All of our employees, all of our poll workers will be wearing masks, they will have gloves. You will be able to vote using a stylus so you don’t have to touch the screen even. So we are taking all kinds of measures to keep things safe," said Karmol.

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