Monday is the last day to register to vote in Ohio in 2020

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 5:40 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Today is the last day to register to vote in Ohio.

There are a lot of ways to register and it usually doesn’t take much time, but today is your last chance. If you register tomorrow, you won’t be signed up in time to vote next month, instead, you’ll be registered for the next election.

You can register on the Secretary of State’s website until midnight tonight.

You can also drop off your paper application at the Board of Elections, your local library, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or in your county’s voting drop box because closing time tonight.

If you drop it in the mail, as long as it’s postmarked by today, you’ll be registered as soon as it is received.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the voter rolls are purged of inactive voters every so often. If you haven’t voted in a few years, or just want to make sure you’re still registered, you can also check your registration status on the Secretary of State’s website.

“That is your voice. That is the voice we have as a citizen in this country to be able to express our wishes, and if you aren’t registered, then you cannot express your wishes,” says Barb Colvin of the Toledo-Lucas County League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters also emphasize that it’s not just the president that we’re voting for next month. There are also many local issues on the ballot. Many of the local initiatives may have a much larger effect on your life than the person sitting in the oval office.

In Lucas County, nearly every locality has a tax measure on the ballot. There’s also a funding measure for the Metroparks. Also in Lucas County, a vote for sheriff can help shape the future of our criminal justice system.

In Toledo, there’s also the race between Tony Dia and Katie Moline for city council.

The League of Women Voters urges everyone to register, even if you’re indifferent to the presidential race.

“We have local people and we have issues that are going on right here in our community, and those are the things that are just as important, it’s the local voting that goes on, that’s just as important as the top of the ballot, which is the president and the vice president,” says Colvin.

The League of Women Voters is also reminding people that women spent years fighting for the right to vote because they knew how important it is. This year marks 100 years since women won that fight.

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