Sylvania teachers rally to be included in school board decisions

The teacher’s union president says there’s been a lack of communication in the district
Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 10:19 PM EDT
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SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - As many school districts have released plans for students to transition in-and-out of the classroom, teachers at Sylvania Schools say they haven’t been part of that conversation.

Dan Greenburg, the president of the Sylvania Education Association tells us nearly 300 teachers showed up today before the school board meeting asking for better communication from board members and to be involved with more of the decisions being made for Sylvania teachers, parents, and students.

“We’re trying to portray a sense of how serious this is to us and how strongly we feel this is having adverse consequences for our district," says Greenburg.

The teacher’s union organized a rally Tuesday afternoon before the start of a board meeting at the administrative building, holding signs and expressing their frustration with leadership for not consulting their educational expertise before making decisions that affect everyone.

Greenburg explains; “What has been an extra layer of frustration that we’re having in our school district is regarding communication getting on the same page and having the teacher’s voice be part of the conversation early on.”

Additionally, teachers called into the board meeting to get answers to rumors swarming, including one educator’s concern about being told to switch rooms the day before her students were expected to walk into class.

“When you talk to two or three different people in leadership and you’re getting a little bit of a different story in each space, it’s just hard to decipher what is absolutely the way it’s going to be moving forward it just adds another layer of stress," adds Greenburg.

The school board declined to comment with us on camera, telling us they would not “hash out labor relation issues through the media," and say they will communicate to teachers directly.

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