Deer crashes into University of Findlay

University of Findlay students eating lunch on campus had their meal interpreted when a deer slammed its way inside a dining court.
Published: Oct. 24, 2020 at 1:12 AM EDT
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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - University of Findlay students and staff are reacting to a deer crashing its way through Henderson Dining Hall on campus. The doe smashing its way through glass windows while students sat eating their lunch.

“Oh my goodness my heart was pounding and it almost brought tears to your eyes because you’re thinking the poor deer,” said Henderson Dining Hall server Connie Kelly. “We were full of students and I thought oh my goodness it could really do some damage to everyone.”

Employees and students explain they saw the deer first ramming its head into window after window. Findlay students documented the action on video.

“It ran back and forth slamming into the glass until it finally crashed into our building, ran a few feet around with students watching it, and then ran out another window again, crashing it," said University of Findlay server Bobbi Williams.

The deer fleed from the dining hall, leaving behind only broken glass and quite the story for the Findlay Oilers.

“I saw that the windows were broken and I was like maybe a bird or something flew through and everyone was like there was a deer in here," said University of Findlay employee Preston Sterling. "I was like anything’s possible I guess.

Server Bobbi Williams was working just footsteps away from where the deer headbutted its way inside the campus building. Williams explains she’s thankful no one was hurt, and that the damage was fixed by the university in a matter of hours.

Williams said her only concern is that the deer is alright.

“We didn’t see any blood, a little bit of fur where it came in," said Williams. “We didn’t see any blood, others said they saw it running across campus, so I believe it’s okay.”

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