Meet James Starks: 13 questions with 13abc’s newest anchor

Why did he decide to become a journalist? What is his hidden talent? We ask the tough questions.
James Starks will be joining the 13abc Action News team in 2021.
James Starks will be joining the 13abc Action News team in 2021.(WTVG)
Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 11:35 AM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - There’s a brand new face on 13abc starting Monday, January 11. James Starks, who was born and raised right here in Toledo, is coming home. He will be joining our reporting team for a few weeks before taking his place on the 13abc Action News Good Morning anchor desk with Sashem Brey and Ross Ellet.

Before he does, though, we wanted to get to know our new recruit a little better. Naturally, we went with a series of enlightening questions.

1. What most excites you about coming back to Toledo?

Easy. It’s being able to be back with my family and friends but also having the opportunity to give back to the community who gave me so much as I grew up here.

2. Why did you decide to become a journalist?

Since I started in sports, Stuart Scott was the reason I wanted to be a sports anchor. We had a little black and white TV in the kitchen growing up and I used to watch Sports Center each morning. I’d watch him do highlights or stories and decided that’s what I wanted to do.

3. What is the most interesting story you have covered?

In December of 2019 - I went to a county courthouse for Adoption Day. There I sat in on a hearing where a 5 yr old boy was to be adopted by the family he’d been living with. What made this adoption so unique was that he invited his entire kindergarten class. They showed up with little hearts and waved from the back as he was adopted. I gave the kid my microphone as I interviewed his father and he interrupts me and yells into the mic, “I LOVE MY DADDY! I LOVE MY DADDY SO MUCH!” Both myself and his dad were fighting back tears. The story went viral internationally and I was able to do interviews with a couple different international outlets and tell that family’s story.

4. Do you have any hidden talents?

I think a lot of people would be surprised to know that I can sing....a little. Nothing too crazy, I won’t be winning any competitions but I have a little bit of range.

5. What is the first concert you ever attended?

I can’t even remember so it probably wasn’t that good. But my favorite concert was seeing Kanye West on the floating stage when I lived in Houston.

6. Would you rather travel to outer space or deep in the ocean?

Outer space, no question. Deep ocean isn’t really possible for humans due to the increase in pressure the deeper you go. You’re much safer trying to leave Earth and who knows what’s out there. There’s so much to explore just inside of our solar system. I just got really nerdy there, didn’t I?

7. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, which do you choose?


8. What’s the biggest lie television made you believe as a kid?

I really thought quicksand was going to be a huge problem.

9. What’s the most interesting book you’ve read?

“Letters To An Astrophysicist” by Neil deGrasse Tyson

10. What is something absolutely true about you that people wouldn’t believe?

I’m a really big country music fan. George Strait to be exact. Don’t be surprised to see me around town in my cowboy hats.

11. If you had a walk-up song, what would it be?

“Power” by Kanye West

12. What is one material object you cannot live without?

Lip balm

13. What is your signature dish?

I will prepare one of the best steaks you’ve ever had.

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