State grant aids Hancock County job growth

Thanks to a grant from the State of Ohio a non-profit group is using the funds to educate its youth on their careers ahead.
Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST
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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - A quarter of a million dollars is on the way to strengthen job growth in Hancock County.

“We want kids today to know that we have the jobs here for them in this community,” said Raise the Bar Hancock County Executive Director Tricia Valasek.

Raise the Bar Hancock County is developing its workforce for its jobs for today and tomorrow. The non-profit group collaborates with local businesses and schools by matching what employers are looking for, to a curriculum for students of all ages to learn from.

“We know that the jobs are here but they are changing,” said Valasek. “We don’t know what the jobs will look like, but we want them to be ready for whatever Hancock County is offering where that’s five, ten years from now.”

Raise the Bar is currently active across all Findlay City Schools. Every year the program gives students leadership training, experiences to shadow companies, and opportunities to learn from local leaders. Hancock County residents have the opportunity to learn from leaders like Findlay Mayor and Vice-Chair of Raise the Bar Christina Muryn.

“Raise the bar has been an instrumental part of making sure our workforce is not only ready for today but for the future,” said Mayor Muryn. “And really making sure all of our organizations in the community from our government, business partners, nonprofit organizations, and education, that they’re all working together and all have common goals.”

On Tuesday Raise the Bar announced the group had been awarded $250,000 from the State of Ohio to accelerate job growth in Hancock County. Staff plan to use the funding to widen their outreach and develop new ways to promote its youth to stay and contribute to the region’s workforce for years to come.

“Really you don’t have to go away to get the experiences for what you’re looking for,” said Muryn. “Whether it be manufacturing jobs, white collar, finance, anything like that; If we don’t have it how can we make it so you can have that opportunity?”

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