Bowling Green schools will return to in-person learning

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 9:32 AM EST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - It has been more than 10 months since students in the Bowling Green school district have been inside a classroom.

It’s one of the few districts in the area not to have any in-person learning since the pandemic really took over last March.

Things may change soon, but parents say they want to see it before they believe it.

What’s frustrating to some parents is that if you drive by school parking lots, you’ll still see cars because kids are still allowed to play sports. So practices were held there but not classes.

The sign across from Conneaut Elementary illustrates what so many Bowling Green parents have felt for months. They want their kids in school.

“It really can be summed up as stressful,” said BG schools parent Jessica Swaisgood.

Frustrated parents formed a coalition months ago to try and lobby the administration and the school board to restart in-person learning. It looks like that will now happen, at least in part.

Parents received this call from school leaders announcing a hybrid plan: “The state of Ohio has mandated that students return to in-building learning by March 1st.”

That’s not entirely accurate according to a Governor Mike DeWine spokesperson who tells 13abc the state is not making a March 1st return mandatory, but if districts want their staff to be on the next round of vaccines, they need to submit a plan of returning to in-person by March 1st.

“I feel like we are skeptical because we still don’t have a solid plan,” said Swaisgood.

“I have hope for it. I’m just waiting to see if they have a solid plan,” said BG schools parent Shelley Wulff.

In an email to parents, Superintendent Francis Scruci said the district has submitted the plan to go hybrid, meaning at least two days in person learning. These parents have been hoping for more. Especially because of what they can do.

“Our kids are allowed to wrestle face-to-face if they want to without masks on,” said Swaisgood.

Face-to-face learning could be coming soon, much later than people expected.

“I did not think that at this point, almost February, we would still not even have a hybrid choice. That’s really what we’ve been trying to do,” said BG schools parent Kenzi Clouse.

The superintendent did say in his letter to parents they expect to begin the vaccination of staff in early February.

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