Chief details shooting that killed Toledo Police Officer

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - An armed suspect comes out of home opening fire shooting at Toledo police. Officer Brandon stalker was struck and killed.

Toledo’s police chief is now detailing how that tragic chain of events went down on Monday night.

Toledo police surrounded the Fulton street home of Christopher Harris Monday afternoon after getting a tip identifying him as the person who vandalized Rosary Cathedral earlier that day.

With an arrest warrant officer approached him and he ran back into the home and showed officers that he had a gun. That’s when negotiators were called.

“In this case they knew pretty soon that this person was not rational enough to actually participate in a negotiation. They’re going to do everything they can humanly possible,” said Chief George Kral.

Police fired gas into the home. Harris came out while also firing a total of nine times. 5 shots hit a Toledo police vehicle.

One bullet hit officer Brandon Stalker in the head as he was securing the perimeter and was behind a police SUV.

“He had an entire 2500-pound SUV in between the suspect and him. He put his head out to look and tragically he was struck,” said Kral.

The SWAT team fired 19 times in response, hitting Harris 8 times.

An autopsy revealed Wednesday that Harris died of multiple gunshots wounds. Harris already had multiple warrants for vandalism and criminal mischief in other cases. Even a misdemeanor conviction on drug abuse and possession.

This is the second Toledo police officer killed in the line of duty in the last 6 months. Officer Anthony Dia was shot and killed on July 4th. While the circumstances are different Chief Kral says things need to change.

“It’s a combination of COVID-19, it’s a combination of too many guns, it’s a combination of no criminal trials for the 15 months. We’re not putting criminals in jail because of COVID-19 and understandably I don’t want to make judges mad at me but there has to be a time when we start holding suspects who we are arresting for violent crimes we have to take them to trial and put them in jail,” said Kral.

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