Working through delays and fraud issues with Ohio unemployment

Working through delays and fraud issues with Ohio unemployment
Working through delays and fraud issues with Ohio unemployment
Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 6:28 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The state of Ohio is pledging to try to fix several different issues when it comes to unemployment claims during this pandemic.

Now there’s a call to the US Congress to help Ohioans who may soon file their taxes and realize they too are victims of fraud.

Few people are immune from unemployment fraud these days.

“A few weeks ago, Fran and I got some correspondence from the state of Ohio that we had filed an unemployment claim,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine at one of his COVID-19 briefings this week.

Which is in part why real people who need the help are seeing delays. According to Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted of the 1.7 million traditional unemployment claims being processed 44,000 are being screen for potential fraud. Of the 1.4 million unemployment claims under new pandemic unemployment assistance or PUA 796,000 are being screened for potential fraud.

“That’s why it takes a little bit longer to track this down because and to help people get access to their unemployment compensation because we’ve had so many false claims they have to track every single one day to make sure it’s legitimate,” said Husted.

Now Ohio’s Attorney General is asking the US Congress to hold off on including unemployment dollars in people’s income for tax purposes until fraud cases can be vetted. Some people may be getting 1099 tax forms for unemployment money that someone fraudulently attained in their name.

“If they filed something in your name they probably have information about your identity that may impact other aspect of life,” said Husted.

If you get anything detailing benefits you didn’t apply for... Go to the state’s unemployment website and report the fraud. That site is:

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