Wood County Meals on Wheels driver saves senior’s life

A Wood County senior is alive thanks to the heroic action of her Meals on Wheels delivery driver.
Published: Feb. 12, 2021 at 11:38 PM EST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - Staff with Wood County’s Committee on Aging wash, scoop, and dish out meals to those in need.

“We are serving currently 750 and 800 meals Monday through Friday every day,” said Director of Food Service Angie Bradford.

Volunteers roll in to help deliver food to seniors across the county. Director of Food Service Angie Bradford leads the charge.

Every weekday Meals on Wheels staff come in at 6 a.m. to prepare and prep each day's meal, the...
Every weekday Meals on Wheels staff come in at 6 a.m. to prepare and prep each day's meal, the food is then shipped out across the county starting at 10 a.m.(Jack Bassett)

“I always tell my drivers no more than 5 minutes with a client,” said Bradford. “So it’s that quick check that the client is okay before continuing on.”

This week that check paid off. Bradford filling in as a driver herself arrived to a 77-year-old woman’s home where she found the senior struggling.

“She said I can’t get my legs to work,” said Bradford.

Bradford says the senior crawled to the door to let her in. Once inside Bradford telling 13abc she smelled natural gas and found the woman’s stovetop running. Bradford described the resident as lightheaded, dazed, and disoriented.

“Who knows how long it had been on and what could have happened if I hadn’t gotten there to alert her that her meal was there and the fact that something wasn’t right,” said Bradford.

Bradford opened all the windows across the home, called 911, and sat with the senior until help arrived. Director Bradford says this incident serves as a stark reminder of just how important it is to look out for the senior population

“If you have a friend, a family member who lives by themselves check on them,” said Bradford. “Give them a phone call, you may be on the phone for two minutes, you may be on the phone for half an hour, who knows but you’re still making their day.”

Out of client confidentiality, the senior’s name isn’t being released but Bradford says she is doing well and has recovered. Bradford says since the incident took place the woman sent her a thank you card with a $77 dollar check inside to thank her for saving her 77-year-old self.

Bradford has since donated the money back to Meals on Wheels.

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