11-year-old Perrysburg juggler sets world record

Jaydon Whiting isn’t wasting anytime going after his dreams.
Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 1:03 PM EST
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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Between the weather and most sports being shut down, it can be easy to sit it out this season. But one kid isn’t letting anything stop him from chasing his dreams -- and setting world records.

“It’s been amazing. He does it all the time, he’s constantly juggling,” mom Andrea Whiting said.

Jaydon Whiting, 11, and his mom live in Perrysburg, but they’re mostly at the gym, where Jaydon’s love for juggling began after seeing his mom train her baton twirlers four years ago.

“I’ve been practicing every day since that day, and it’s just been continuous,” he said.

“Every room in the house has been hit with things,” Andrea said. “He’s always like, ‘Mom, watch me do this, watch me do this!’”

And when he’s not practicing on his own, he’s training three-days-a-week at two different schools, both in-person and virtually.

“He does balls, clubs, juggling knives, glow balls, bounce balls, he juggles on a unicycle, a walking globe, he’s juggling everything he can find,” says Andrea.

And the practice is paying off. Jaydon just broke the world record for the longest 3-ball pattern in his age category, juggling for over 26-and-a-half minutes straight. But now, he’s ready to tackle his next record -- bounce balls.

Besides competitions, he’s got big dreams ahead involving one magical mouse.

“When I’m older I want to work at Walt Disney World and also Downtown Disney because they have those stilt walkers and it’s just really cool to see that,” he said.

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