Salt piles shrunk this week, but most cities have plenty left to finish the winter season

We checked in with Findlay and The ODOT Hancock County garage
Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:52 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - According to the calendar, we officially have about four more weeks of winter to deal with. But as we all know, it could stretch beyond that too.

A big salt supply is critical for cities, villages, counties and the state of Ohio. So how are supplies holding up? We checked in with the city of Findlay and the ODOT garage in Findlay.

Like every salt pile around the region, they are both smaller than they were at this time last week. However, Mayor Christina Muryn says there’s still plenty available.

“3,500-4,500 tons is the average for us. So far, we’ve used about 4,000 tons this year, and we have another 1,000 tons available on our contract. We were also fortunate to have some reserves to carry over from prior years. A lot of peole are hoping it warms up soon, so we won’t need much more.”

Rhonda Pees is a Public Information Officer for ODOT Northwestern Ohio.

“This year we are about 20,000 tons over our average salt usage from last year in District 1 and 2 in NW Ohio. From this point to the end of the winter season, we use an average about 12-13,000 tons of salt to finish out. District 1 and 2 both still have about 20,000 tons on hand. Our crews did a great job cleaning the roads this week. ”

While a lot of you are over the winter weather, we’re told most ODOT crews were excited to be able to work in a big storm like the one we had this week.

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