TARTA snow mound mounts frustration for Toledo woman

Michelle Washington is frustrated because all the snow that has filled the grounds of a TARTA bus garage is being stacked into one giant pile, that’s now falling onto her property.
Published: Feb. 20, 2021 at 7:21 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Michelle Washington has an unusual view for a backyard. The Toledo woman’s home lines up directly against a TARTA bus maintenance garage located on Central Avenue.

Washington says with each snowfall she’s watched TARTA staff pile snow into a single mound that has now become taller than the busses that fill the maintenance garage parking lot. That snow then falls directly through the property’s fencing into Washington’s backyard.

“The bus station has decided to pile snow after snow after snow and they push it back against the fence, it comes through and there’s garbage, oils, debris, dirt, and it’s disgusting.”

Washington says she has reached out to staff at the garage to ask them to move the snow with no success.

“They just will not stop, I asked them and they said they would clean it up and then they cane and pilled more on top of it,” said Washington. “It’s awful, and TARTA has a very large back yard, why would you put it into our back yard.”

Washington a mother, a grandmother, and a cancer survivor says the snow that is filled with oil and other remnants from the TARTA busses makes her home an unsafe place. Washington does not let her grandkids or dog near the back of her yard due to concerns for their health.

“It’s just gross, it’s unhealthy, it’s unsanitary, it’s awful,” said Washington. I can’t do this to you and I wouldn’t, so why do this to me?”

13abc reached out to TARTA officials for a response regarding the issue. On Monday, January 22nd Chief Executive Officer Kimberly A. Dunham of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority stated, “TARTA has addressed this issue and spoken with our staff about alternative snow removal strategies at our Central Avenue facility. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention as we seek to be a good neighbor at all times.”

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