Local vet talks about concerns being raised over safety of flea and tick medicine

25 million Seresto collars have been sold since 2012
Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 7:02 PM EST
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Some of you may have heard the concerns being raised recently about the safety of a flea and tick medicine called Seresto. About 25 million of the collars have been sold since 2012.

Local veterinarian Dr. Brooke West believes that in most cases the benefits far outweigh the risks because fleas and ticks can carry a wide variety of life-threatening diseases. She says talk to your vet about any concerns you may have, adding that educating yourself with help from experts is important.

“Seresto is not new to the market, so I don’t think you should be overly concerned, just be conscientious about it. Talk to your vet. ”

She says reactions to all flea and tick medicines are not uncommon, but the vast majority of cases aren’t serious.

“Usually things are mild and easily treatable they are often not life-threatening or cause death, but it can happen. Flea and tick medicines are important year-round. Ticks never die, and fleas are always adapting. They’ve been around for 2,000 years for a reason.”

Elanco released a statement about the safety of Seresto. It reads in part:

“There is no established link between death and exposure to the active ingredients contained in Seresto. The reporting rate for all adverse events related to Seresto is less than 0.3% of all collars sold since 2012. The safety and efficacy of Seresto are continuously monitored and scrutinized by global regulatory bodies as well as via internal processes.”

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