Law enforcement, parents stress teen driving safety

Study finds speeding top factor in deadly teen crashes
Law enforcement, parents weigh in on teen driving safety
Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 8:16 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The weather is getting warmer. With spring at our doorstep, that means more people will be hitting the roads -- and that includes new teen drivers. But there’s a statistic that’s weighing on many minds.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association -- in a five-year period -- nearly 5,000 teens died in crashes because of speeding.

“Be aware, be safe,” says Fostoria mom, Amy Stewart. Her daughter Carolyn has been behind the wheel for just a few months now, so safety is always on her mind. “I always say, oh, I worry about myself driving, I worry about Carolyn driving. Well, I worry more about other people driving.”

“We’re always out there looking for the safety of others, of everyone on the road,” says Sgt. Ryan Purpura with Ohio State Highway Patrol. “We will continue to educate the motor public, continue to educate the teens. We’ll still go out to the driving schools and talk to people.”

Michigan State Police tell 13abc, they’ve got their eyes trained on the roads to keep crashes as bay. Lt. Brian Oleksyk says the key is being visible. “I have a team of 13 guys, on a day to day basis they’re out there -- on the freeways especially -- where our main goal is to reduce and prevent traffic crashes. And we do that by being highly visible.”

Both troopers and state police tell us the outcome ultimately lies in the responsibility of the teen driver, and that parents can help encourage safety at all times.

It’s important for parents to do their research to see what tools work best for training their teen drivers.

So what are some resources to keep your teen safe?

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