Local innovation helping Toledo keep its Glass City title

The NSG Group is part of a project that would enable you to generate power from windows
Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 6:26 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - We all know Toledo’s nickname is “The Glass City,” but the moniker is more than just a nod to the city’s rich history in the industry. There’s still plenty of glass innovation happening here.

The NSG Group has a long history of being on the cutting edge of the industry. Its North American headquarters are here in northwest Ohio.

“We’ve been here locally for over 120 years. First as LOF, then as Pilkington, and now the NSG Group,” explains Kyle Sword, Manager of Business Development for NSG North America. “We have a history steeped in innovation and glass technology.”

Many of the products that come through NSG’s Development Center in Northwood are things you might not know have a Toledo connection.

“We support dozens of start-up technologies in everything from touch screens to refrigeration technology and high-performance windows in cars and buildings,” says Sword.

A window installation is actually a trial site for the latest project.

“One of the areas we are most interested in whether or not you can turn the glass you look through every day in your home or building, into an energy generation source,” says Kevin Sanderson, R&D Director of North American operations.

Sanderson says the answer is yes. “With this technology all the glass you look through, theoretically could generate electricity for you,” he explains. “As a result of that, you could help reduce your power bills and have a greener footprint.”

Sword says the project is a partnership with a company in California.

“We make the glass, and we make the coatings that enable the technology,” he says. “The California company then builds on top of our products to create the high-tech, new techniques.”

These power-generating windows will likely be found in homes and businesses in the not too distant future

“This technology is happening, and it’s going to be rolling out within the next few years,” says Sword.

This new technology is helping ensure Toledo keeps its Glass City title for decades to come. The new window technology is expected to start in the residential market and then expand to commercial buildings.

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