Mercy Health is rolling out women’s health services on-the-go

3-D Mobile Mammography Unit brings preventive care on wheels to the underserved
Women's preventative care just got easier with services on-the-go.
Women's preventative care just got easier with services on-the-go.(Ashley Bornancin)
Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 6:14 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It’s an important tool for women’s health in the fight against breast cancer, and now it’s available to even more people in a unique, mobile way.

Mercy Health’s Mammography Van is bringing the doctors to the patients, with their new health services on-the-go for women to aid in preventive care and early detection of breast cancer in women 40 years and older. The mobile unit is equipped with dressing rooms and the newest 3D technology with self compression options, eliminating the anxiety and barriers many women face around going to the hospital, and reaching the underserved community.

“Oftentimes underserved has one meaning to some, but oftentimes underserved can mean patients that don’t have transportation, patients that don’t have the financial means,” explains Sandy Michkalski, Director of Imaging at Mercy Health. “It could mean patients that work a long schedule, so it’s not conducive to their work schedule, so we want to take this out to where the patients are and we want to make it easy for them.”

The team explains the new 3-D technology with self-assisted compression options takes the fear out of going to the hospital, by giving women control over their compression.

“We find when the woman is part of that compression, they can actually compress harder than if we would do that. And compression’s really important because the more you can compress the tissue, the better picture you’re going to get,” says Michalski.

The Mammography Unit will have safe and convenient screenings at various locations. To get more information or schedule your appointment, go to 833-MAMM-VAN.

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