NASA’s Mars helicopter is about to take flight

It will make up to five flights during April
Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 11:32 AM EDT
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(CNN) – NASA is getting ready to get some aerial shots of Mars using the first interplanetary helicopter.

The Perseverance rover brought the 4-pound chopper called Ingenuity to the red planet in February.

With two pairs of blades that span 4 feet, Ingenuity looks like a remote control helicopter.

Far from a toy, it will capture images from a vantage point never seen before.

Ingenuity will fly 10 feet above the surface of Mars for about 30 seconds to take pictures.

It’s scheduled to make up to five flights in April before it runs out of juice and is retired.

Not only will Ingenuity send those images back to earth, but the Perseverance rover is expected to take pictures of its flight from the ground.

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