Monroe County COVID-19 cases are climbing

The county health officers says 27% of the population is vaccinated and they want to reach 50%-75%
Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT
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MONROE, Mich (WTVG) - Michigan is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases. That trend trickles into Monroe County as well. With vaccinations increasing, the question is why? The Monroe County health officer and director, Kim Comerzan, says there are multiple factors and it is difficult to pinpoint why there is another wave of cases.

One possibility is the B 1.1.7. variant. It has been detected in Monroe County and Comerzan says that combined with younger people still widely unvaccinated could account for a spike.

Comerzan says while numbers show positive COVID-19 cases are climbing in the county, many of those are among the younger age demographics and the cases do not model what health leaders were seeing more frequently during the beginning of the pandemic.

‘We do have a sense that this wave, if you will, of increasing cases seems to be somewhat more mild,” says Comerzan. “There are still hospitalizations but nothing like the beginning of the pandemic or the winter months.”

The Monroe County Health Department is focusing on vaccinating as many people as possible. As of Monday, 27% of Monroe County residents have been vaccinated against the virus. Comerzan would like to see that number between 50-75% of the population. Mass vaccination clinics are happening almost daily at Monroe County Community College and now all people age 16 and older qualify for the vaccine if they so choose. If you would like to book an appointment, click here.

The Monroe County Health Department is also looking at the data in weekly comparisons with a breakdown of age demographics to better understand where surges are happening and which age groups need to be the focus of stopping the spread.

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