Happy Tails Donation Drive aims to help animals in need of critical care

The fundraising campaign runs through April 25th, and you can donate cash, food and supplies
Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 5:28 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Humane Society takes in about 4,000 animals every year. Caring for all of them, and finding them homes is only possible thanks to the generosity of a lot of people.

In order to continue that lifesaving work, the shelter is hosting a donation drive called Happy Tails.

One of the recent improvement projects at the shelter involves a new room for orphaned kittens. The humane society takes in hundreds of kittens without their moms every year, so a new space for those tiny kittens is critical. It’s also expensive, and one of the reasons for the Happy Tails fundraiser

A Good Samaritan found little Shu-Shu at a construction site, and quickly got him to THS.

Abbey Hall is the Development Manager at the shelter.

“We have a lot of Good Samaritans in this community who go above and beyond to help. Unfortunately, last year alone we took in 800 orphaned kittens, so we truly need all different kinds of help to continue our work.”

Shu-Shu is less than three weeks old, so he requires specialized and constant care

“It is truly a labor of love. He has to be fed every 2-3 hours. One of our employees is caring for him right now. We are lucky to have a lot of people in the community who are willing to do this kind of work, but we are always in need of more help,” says Hall.

There are also thousands of animals that come into the shelter in need of extra medical care every year

Dr. Debbie Johnson is the Director of Veterinary Services.

“The majority of my budget goes to help treat sick and injured animals. The preventative care and surgery is a very small portion of the budget. To make all the important vet care possible, it takes a lot of people, money and supplies to do that. We are so grateful to be able to use our resources to help so many animals. That is only possible thanks to the kindness in this community.”

Another animal that recently needed extra medical care is Cabbage. Hall says she was found in an abandoned car by a Good Samaritan.

“Unfortunately, she had been living in the car for so long that she got a horrible skin infection. In a few short weeks she is thriving once again. Her skin looks beautiful.”

Cabbage is now looking for a forever home.

“She is doing very well both mentally and physically. She’s well down the road to recovery,” says Dr. Johnson.

The Happy Tails donation drive will help make sure the staff at the shelter can continue to go the extra mile for animals like Cabbage and Shu-Shu.

“People should know their money is saving lives, and we couldn’t do it without them. It is a pleasure to come to work, because we are doing so much good here.”

The Happy Tails donation drive runs through April 25th. There are a lot of ways to get involved.

You can order things off the THS Amazon wish list, or drop off food or supplies at the shelter on Illinois Avenue in Maumee. You can also make cash donations or become a volunteer.

All the information you’ll need can be found by logging on to or

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