Ohio lawmakers consider legislation to ban vaccine passports

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 11:02 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Vaccine passports are in the works to identify who has received a COVID-19 vaccine. Talk of the digital app or documentation has some people split on the issue. Is it a way to protect people or discrimination and an infringement on your medical privacy? Some Ohio lawmakers are now considering legislation that would ban local or state governments from requiring vaccine passports.

Right now in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine has said that he will not mandate the vaccine or put any plans in place to start using a vaccine passport, but some GOP lawmakers want to make sure it stays that way. State Rep. Al Cutrona (R-Canfield) intends to soon introduce legislation that will prohibit “vaccine passports.”

“Ohioans are encouraged to take the COVID-19 vaccine for the health and well-being of themselves and others,” said Cutrona. “However, a vaccine should not be mandated or required by our government for our people to integrate back to a sense of normalcy. We’ve had restrictions on our freedoms for over a year and more restrictions or mandates are not the answer to every issue related to COVID-19,” say State Rep. Cutrona.

State Representative Derek Merrin is echoing the sentiment. He released a statement to 13abc saying “I’m absolutely opposed to vaccine passports and will support efforts to stop their implementation.”

Meanwhile, some travelers we spoke with don’t mind the idea of requiring a vaccine to fly and having to prove it before you board. Paul Ziemke waited more than a year to travel. He says once he got the vaccine he was ready to go and believes the more people vaccinated the better.

“We are in a society of people we live around and want to protect each other and ya know I think that is one of the better things we can do to protect each other. I think it’s a good thing to do and I don’t think it is political at all and some people want to make it political but I think it’s something we want to do to get through this and move on,” says Ziemke.

At this point, vaccination passports are not required to fly in the U.S. A testing phase is underway in the U.K.

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