Toledo water bills questioned by property owner

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 10:15 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo property owner is asking people to take a second look at their water bills after he found some charges that weren’t making much sense.

The property owner doesn’t want his tenants paying more than they have to and hopes others aren’t seeing similarly confusing bills. He has no problems paying his water bills, just as long as he understands them. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone excited to pay their water bill especially if it isn’t exactly clear what you have to pay.

“It’s always been confusing,” said Toledo property owner Dan Peffley.

Peffley owns about two dozen Toledo properties so he gets lots of bills. Recently, though, the dollar amounts haven’t made sense.

“The bills are coming at you more often and I’ve got a lot to deal with, so I’m trying to make sure the math works, and the math didn’t add up,” said Peffley.

Take for example his property on Hoiles Avenue. On the left side of this property’s water bill, you see “payment on account” from December for $81.59. Then you look to the right and see the same $81.59 owed as part of the February amount due.

Here is how the city of Toledo explained the two charges on the Hoiles bill. DPU was having some issues with payment files being duplicated according to the city of Toledo. That $81.59 was posted twice to his account in June according to a city spokesman.

On his Lockwood property, “payment on account” for $79.79 from December. Look to the right and $79.79 owed in the February amount due.

“The tenants are having a hard enough time and if they’re paying the wrong amount, that’s just wrong,” Peffley.

Peflley says it’s hard to get a straight answer on these charges. If they’re legit, he’s ready for an explanation.

An explanation like this one for his home on Eastway. Two bills come on the same day with the same due date for the same property but for different amounts. Confusing, yes, but a city spokesperson pointed out that a closer look shows they’re for two different billing cycles, something people may not notice but it’s worth questioning.

“Most of the people in the city of Toledo want money in their hands. They want to be able to put food on their table, pay their bills. They don’t want to overpay a bill to the city of Toledo because they’re not accurate,” said Peffley.

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