Terra State Community College reacts to President’s funding plan

Democrats say the “American Families Plan” will allow first-time students to enroll in community college for free
Democrats say the “American Families Plan” will allow first-time students to enroll in community college for free
Published: Apr. 29, 2021 at 5:51 PM EDT
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FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - Wednesday, President Joe Biden addressed Congress and the nation about his $1.8 trillion “American Families Plan.” According to the White House, $200 billion of that funding would go towards education, with $109 billion set aside for community colleges. Democrats say the plan will ensure that first-time students and workers wanting to re-skill can enroll in a community college for free. Terra State Community College in Fremont, Ohio is excited about the news but interested in learning more details about what the plan would entail.

“We look forward to having this plan roll out and finding out exactly what it’s going to do for us and where those dollars are going to come from,” says Dr. Ronald Schumacher, President of Terra State.

President Schumacher says there are about 2,000 students enrolled at Terra State. The average annual tuition is about $4,200 -- a bargain compared to four-year universities, but still a steep price for students who may be struggling amid the pandemic. As for right now, the school is getting state funding and scholarships to help its students who need extra assistance to foot the bill.

While many Democrats are praising President Biden’s funding plan, some Republicans are saying it’s a waste of taxpayer money. Chairman Bob Paduchik of the Ohio Republican Party addressed the policies, writing in part: “They are designed to bribe the American people with their own money. Such irresponsible, superfluous spending will have real-life consequences for working families—they will crush thousands of jobs, shrink the economy, and lower wages.”

While lawmakers weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the President’s plan, Terra State says there’s no need to hold back on getting your education now.

“If somebody really wants to get up-skilled, they don’t have to wait for this plan to be put in place,” says Dr. Schumacher. “We can help now, and assist now, to get somebody on that pathway to whatever dream they have in terms of education. We can help them achieve that.”

Anyone with questions about tuition assistance is welcome to contact the college. You can call the admissions office at 419-559-2349, or visit the school’s application and tuition assistance page.

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