Duck, duck, Jeep: Toledo Jeep Fest puts a soapy spin on auto trend

Ducks made by Buff City Soap will be secretly placed on Jeeps around town and around the country.
Soap ducks made by Buff City will secretly placed on Jeeps now through Jeep Fest
Published: May. 5, 2021 at 5:51 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - You may have heard about “Jeep Ducking,” the fun trend of leaving little ducks on Jeeps you like. Toledo Jeep Fest is putting its own spin on the hot trend.

It’s normally done with a little rubber duckie, like one you’d find in the bathtub. But Toledo Jeep Fest is having soap ducks made. Buff City Soap created 1,000 of the ducks for starters.

“For us as a shop and a brand, we want to enjoy what we are doing,” says Nick Kunkel, owner of the local Buff City Soap stores. “We want to always make an effort to expand the business and have fun while we are doing it. This checks all those boxes for us. Our soaps are hand-made and plant-based. We always relish the chance to get into a new creative space.”

Toledo Jeep Fest event director, Whitney Rofkar, says the ducks will be secretly placed on Jeeps by a team of ambassadors. They will leave the ducks on vehicles around Toledo, and around the country.

“It’s sort of like a little love note from Toledo Jeep Fest,” explains Rofkar. “12 Ambassadors will be doing this here, and in places like California and Pennsylvania at other Jeep events. We’re hoping people not only take pictures with their ducks and post them on social media, but we’d also like to get notes back from around the country.”

The Jeep Ducking will run from this Friday through Jeep Fest in August. If the first batch goes quickly, more ducks will likely be made to be given away.

Toledo Jeep Fest runs August 6-8th.

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