Teens say boxing could help reduce gun violence this summer

Teens say being in the ring will keep kids off the streets this summer
Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 1:50 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) -Community Leaders are looking for ways to keep kids off of Toledo streets this summer. Boxing is one of them.

Toledo has a long and rich history with boxing and some kids are already seeing success on a national level.

Lamar Stewart III, Deontay Oliver, Thomas Covington, Khalil Harvet and Nolan Huntlry are all USA National Champions.

These teens are all under the age of 15. Many of them will tell you that boxing has kept them out of trouble. Kaleb Moreland says, “Too many 13, 14,and 15 year old’s, too many young people are getting killed out here in Toledo its too much,”

“I got suspended over 21 times, so my dad put me into boxing, it kept me off the streets, I’m not in a big crowd no more, I am sticking strictly to boxing.”

Nolan Huntley agrees. He says,

“I think boxing is good for the community because instead of settling stuff with guns, and weapons, you can get in the ring, learn how to talk and not fight in stuff.”

Lamar Steward III says, “If you want a future you need to box, or find another sport don’t matter just get off the streets stop the gun violence.”

Lamar Wright is a local boxing trainers. He says while they are training kids to be champions in the ring, the ultimate goal is for them to be champions in life. He says, “They come in and they get a father figure, they get a mentor, being a boxing coach you are a social worker, a therapist, a brother, a father, you get all of that with us.”

Wright will be working with the City of Toledo to offer boxing camps for kids this summer.

We will keep you posted as the City rolls out additional details

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