New report describes altercation after 2020 Lucas County Life Squad incident

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 7:03 PM EDT
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SYLVANIA TWP., Ohio (WTVG) - The fallout now from an issue the 13abc I-Team told you about earlier this year where a Lucas County Life Squad wasn’t where it was supposed to be.

The Sylvania based rig was in Maumee with the crew watching a youth soccer game. We’re now learning the details on an altercation after with the fire chief alleging harassment.

After our reporting on this story and the details coming to light, Sylvania Township Trustees hired a local law firm to investigate but that investigation was not about the actual incident. It was something that happened behind closed doors.

The car accident at issue happened on September 27, 2020 . The dispatched life squad was supposed to be at a Sylvania Township station. It turns out that Life Squad was at Rolf Park in Maumee, where the crew was actually watching a youth soccer game.

When Sylvania Township Trustee John Jennewine found out about this incident months later, he confronted fire chief Mike Ramm.

“I think this all comes down to me calling the chief a liar,” said Jennewine.

In a January 8th meeting things got heated between the two. This report, prepared by the Spengler Nathanson law firm, describes their meeting. The report says both men used profanity as Jennewine tried to get emails and documents pertaining to the life squad incident.

“When a person in the chief’s position lies to an elected official.... I just... You know... There was some shouting,” said Jennewine.

Jennewine says when he was first asked when this incident happened he was told it happened in October. Turns out it was actually September. Jennewine wasn’t told about the incident until January.

“The whole story, the whole investigation never made sense to me. I’m still very upset that this is the way they treated our community during a levy campaign,” said Jennewine.

Sylvania Township voters approved a new fire levy in November of 2020. The investigation into the argument determined that Jennewine’s behavior was inappropriate but did not violate township policy and was not harassment.

“More effort had gone into covering up this incident than rather than getting to the fact,” said Jennewine.

Chief Ramm declined comment Tuesday, telling 13abc that the report speaks for itself. Jennewine still wants a full and thorough investigation into exactly what happened from the life squad incident.

Township Trustees presented the report to the public Tuesday which cost the township about $4000.

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