Ohio driver who crashed after cicada attack: ‘I just want them to go away’

Vincent Bingham, 20, totaled his car in Cincinnati on Monday, and police say a cicada is to blame.
Ohio driver who crashed after cicada attack: ‘I just want them to go away’
Published: Jun. 10, 2021 at 5:23 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (WXIX) - An Ohio man says he wishes Brood X would get a move on and split—which is understandable, considering one of them recently made him total his car.

Despite the crash, 20-year-old Vincent Bingham remains in good spirits. Still, he says his tolerance for 2021′s cicada invasion is at an end.

“I was alright with them before I wrecked,” he said. “I wrecked my car, and I just want them to go away.”

Bingham was driving along Riverside Drive in Cincinnati’s East End on Monday around 6 p.m with his windows down, conceivably minding his own business.

“I had my windows down ‘cause I didn’t have AC and I was just driving down Riverside Drive, and a cicada flew into the window and hit me right in the face,” Bingham recalled on Thursday.

Bingham thrashed at the cicada, as one does. But in the process, he lost control of his car and veered into a utility pole in the 2600 block of Riverside near Gotham Place.

The 20-year-old walked away largely unscathed. “I have bruises and stuff from the seatbelt, and my nose is still sore from the airbag,” he said. “And that’s really all the injuries I got.”

Looking at pictures of his car for the first time since the incident happened, Bingham says the damage looks “way worse” than he thought immediately afterward.

Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz says Bingham was lucky to walk away with minor injuries.

“We’re very fortunate the car went right, not left,” Franz said. “It didn’t hit a bicyclist or a car head-on.”

Police say cicadas are known to cause vehicular mayhem.

“When [officers] got there, they asked what happened,” Bingham said. “I told them, and the first thing they said was, ‘This isn’t the first one.’ So that kind of made me feel better.”

Franz recounts one such crash that turned deadly.

“I think it was two cycles, so 34 years ago, there was a fatal crash on the Norwood Lateral when a cicada flew in a delivery truck,” he said. “[The] driver lost control and crashed.”

The sergeant advises drivers to keep their windows rolled up, and Bingham agrees.

“Get your AC fixed,” Bingham said. “And probably keep your windows up, so it doesn’t happen to you.”

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