The great 2021 mayfly invasion may be upon us

Updated: Jun. 12, 2021 at 12:13 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Point Place resident Kyle Eugene describes the smell of mayflies as, “Just basically like hot fish, and you know that time of year when you smell it. They’re going to come in with the wind.”

13abc’s First Warning Meteorologists have been seeing the swarms on radar, and soon, we may all start to see them on our cars and homes, and everywhere else!

Eugene believes he’ll see them when he wakes up Saturday morning.

“Piles of mayflies everywhere. There will be a nice layer. And it will smell even worse because now it’s right underneath you,” he says.

He and other Point Place residents have been seeing a few of the winged visitors over the last few days, but now the wind is changing.

13abc chief meteorologist Jay Berschback agrees with Eugene that Friday night may be the night the mayflies come to town.

“Tonight, the wind is from the East and fairly light, so I’d get ready for folks in Maumee Bay area like Point Place, up into Michigan, we could see a large amount of mayflies arriving overnight,” he says.

Although the insects may be a sign of the season, and a healthy lake, they’re not always welcome guests, and the cleanup can be icky.

“I mean, it’s good for the environment, but I don’t like smelling them. I could go without,” says Eugene.

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