Perrysburg superintendent: school board “has not and will not be voting to adopt critical race theory”

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 10:25 PM EDT
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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - In response to concerns from the public and a school board member about race-related curriculum, Perrysburg Schools superintendent Tom Hosler wrote a lengthy explanation of what the district is and is not doing in regard to Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

In the article, Hosler said the district was not planning to adopt the curriculum into the school’s teachings.

“The Perrysburg Board of Education has not and will not be voting to adopt critical race theory,” Hosler said. “Perrysburg Schools teaches the approved Ohio standards in its curriculum and does an excellent job of doing so.”

Advocates of CRT believe that racism is an everyday experience for most people of color, that American institutions are racist and that people are privileged or oppressed because of their race.

It’s become a hot topic politically among conservatives and Republicans that don’t want it introduced in curriculum, and liberals and Democrats that feel it is important for understanding the nation’s history and how society operates today.

Critical Race Theory entered mainstream conversation with the New York Times’ publishing of the 1619 Project, a long-form journalism project which “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States’ national narrative.”

Hosler referenced the 1619 Project, saying it too has not been adopted as a social studies text.

The article also referenced concerns expressed by school board member Kelly Ewbank at a recent meeting.

“It is already in Perrysburg Schools, but it’s rebranded under names like the CQ (cultural intelligence) team and SEL (social emotional learning),” Ewbank said. “CRT, no matter what we call it, is divisive, destructive and unacceptable. I will never support it because schools are for education, not dividing kids by race, religion or gender.”

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