First Responder of the Week: Richard Bueher

Updated: Jun. 19, 2021 at 11:51 AM EDT
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FAYETTE, Ohio (WTVG) - When Richard “Dick” Bueher started his career with the Gorham- Fayette Fire Department a gallon of regular gas cost about 30-cents and a firefighters paycheck was about one-dollar.

“That was big bucks back then,” said Bueher.

That was in 1960 and Bueher has stayed there for 60 years.

“I have seen a lot of different things go on in sixty years,” said Bueher.

Bueher reflects back to a time when the job looked much different.

“Rubber boots and everything was rubber,” Bueher said. “You’d go into a fire and come out with steam rolling off of your coat it got that hot.”

At the age of 87, Bueher is hanging up his gear for good and retiring.

“I have known him since I was a toddler,” said Tom Franks, assistant fire chief. “He was like a dad for all of us.”

Franks has served on the Gorham- Fayette Fire Department for 40 years and all that time Bueher was right there with him

“We would hear stories if the past and they would show us ways they did things,” Franks said. “We would show ways we did things and put them together and that made our department.”

Franks nominated Bueher to be our 13abc First Responder of the Week.

“All the guys just always looked up to him,” Franks said. “Even as he got older, he probably made 80 to 90 percent of our calls.”

Even in retirement, Bueher will never be too far away.

“I only live right up the road here,” Bueher laughed. “I come up here all the time anyways just to aggravate them.”

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